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Sunday Run Day

Coming down to the final stretch. The Royal Parks half marathon is on Sunday. SUNDAY RUN DAY!
In the last few months I’ve learned to push my body and mind in ways I didn’t think possible. Growing from a sluggish one mile run (proclaiming upon return “that was fucking BORING!! What have I signed up for?!”), to a twelve mile run which still leaves me dumbfounded on how I ever accomplished such a feat.
My mind incredibly slipping into auto pilot while whizzing through woodlands and busy north London streets. Dodging dog walkers and strolling families on narrow paths. I’m a definite rules of the road kind of girl. Stay on your side, people!! But have had to let that one go. Weave and bob. Bob and weave. Zoom zoom zoom.
A soundtrack of Saves the Day, Get Up Kids, Beastie Boys, Bryan Hartley (Memphis gent), Jimmy Eat World (just to name a few…) keeping me grounded and paced as the miles blurred by.
I swear Hello Nasty was made for this moment. Body movin’ Body movin’
Dealing with ankle inj…

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